Entry Submission

  1. 1. Create an entry account by registering HERE.
  2. 2. Login to the entry account HERE to view categories, judging criteria and rules of entry.
  3. 3. Prepare information, data and supporting documents, and complete the entry form.
  4. 4. Submit entries for targeted categories by 3 September 2021 (Friday). Each entrant may submit entries for up to 3 categories.

Companies of all sizes and orientation are welcome. Login HERE to view specific requirements and criteria for each category.

It is FREE to enter JWA. Each company may enter a maximum of three (3) categories.

Once a company or individual is shortlisted as an Honouree, an Honouree Package fee is paid. This covers exclusive, comprehensive materials and global marketing campaigns. By submitting an entry, entrants agree to pay the non-refundable Honouree Package fee of US$2,800 for the first shortlisted category; and US$500 for each subsequent category. No additional fee will be charged should an Honouree become a Recipient.

For example:

  • Company A = Entered 2 categories and 1 shortlisted = $2,800
  • Company B = Entered 3 categories and 2 shortlisted = $2,800 + $500 = $3,300
  • Company C = Entered 2 categories but no shortlisted = $0

The Honouree Package fee covers:

  • – 2 tickets to the award ceremony and gala dinner for each shortlisted company.
  • – A profile and one-page advertisement in the JWA official publication.
  • – Exclusive materials tailor-made for each Honouree, including but not limited to JWA trophy, certificate, and other tailored marketing materials.
  • – Opportunity to speak at JWA webinar series and enjoy exposure generated via related promotional activities targeting the international jewellery and gemstone trade.
  • – Comprehensive global marketing campaign, including social media and press releases issued by the organiser.

Here are some tips shared by our judges, Albert Cheng, James Courage and Dr. Mark Lee, on completing the entry form:

On overall entry

  • – Consider carefully which category is the most relevant to your strengths.
  • – Ensure that you understand what the judges are looking for.
  • – Be concise, go straight to the points, and answer exactly the questions that the judges have asked in the entry form.
  • – Stress on the important points and answer all the questions clearly with these key points upfront.
  • – Be clear and ensure that information is sufficient with enough appropriate details.
  • – Don’t let the application form leave your hands without your approval or signature, and if possible, fill in the form yourself.

On business ethics questions

  • – Where asked, be clear on substantiating business ethics; enable more understanding.
  • – Communicate brand responsibilities.

On category-specific questions

  • – Be sure that ideas are new and significant.
  • – Ensure project is not hard to judge from the information available.
  • – Impressive sales increases are good but need to explain clearly why.
  • – Show integration of programmes.
  • – Show how the improvements/developments make a positive difference and its results and impacts on the industry.
  • – With young entrepreneurs, it is helpful to distinguish the different roles between the CEO and the young entrepreneur in contributing to the business success.
  • – Show your strategic plan with priorities.
  • – Demonstrate the trade-offs you took to maximise results.
  • – Elaborate on the new alignment between process, products and services.

Rules of Entry

1.    It is free to enter the Jewellery World Awards (JWA).

2.    Each company is allowed to enter a maximum of 3 categories.

3.    Registration and entry submission system is open on Friday, 29 January 2021. Early registration allows additional time to review award categories and judging criteria before submitting entries, and increases the chance of being interviewed by the Judging Panel which can be an advantage in the judging process.

4.    Fully completed online Entry Form must be submitted by 23:59 (Hong Kong time) on Friday, 3 September 2021.

By submitting an entry, the applicant/entrant confirms that he/she is authorised to fill out the entry form on behalf of the company and all the information provided is true and correct.

Entrant must supply supporting documents to any claim made in the entry form. The supporting document can be in the form of news clipping, certificate from authority, or report issued by independent agents etc.

Entrant may be requested by the organiser to provide additional information or supporting document(s) in order to validate the fact or statement that is claimed by the entrant in the registration form and entry form(s). All entry forms and supporting documents will be handled and reviewed by the JWA team before handing over to JWA Judging Panel for judging.

5.    Once a company is shortlisted as an Honouree, it will have to pay an Honouree Package fee that covers part of the costs of producing all Honouree-exclusive materials and trade-wide global marketing and promotion campaigns.

For each company, the Honouree Package fee is USD2,800 for the first shortlisted category and USD500 respectively for the second and third category being shortlisted as Honouree. So if a company is shortlisted for two categories, the fee will be USD3,300 and USD3,800 for three categories.

By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to pay this fee, which is non-refundable.

This fee will be charged once the company is shortlisted as an Honouree. Please visit http://www.jwawards.com/entry-submission/ for further details on what the Honouree Package fee covers.

6.    Entry Form for each award category should be completed in full, including only information that is relevant to the specific question to enable the judging panel to assess its merit. If the same answers are inappropriately applied to other categories you are entering, the judging panel reserves the right to consider entries with the same answers as one entry to a category at their discretion, and your entry to other categories will be disqualified.

7.    Due diligence will be conducted once the entry is closed. JWA reserves the right to request a visit to the facilities or for an interview over the phone, face-to-face or online, as part of the judging process.

8.    Honourees, or shortlisted finalists, may be required to provide further details and documentation upon the request of the judging panel to support information given in the Entry Form.

9.    The JWA reserves the right to move submission to a more appropriate category.

10. An entry to an award category cannot be withdrawn from the judging process once the applicant has been short-listed and announced as an Honouree.

11. Once shortlisted as Honourees, companies are required to submit high- quality images and information requested by our Editor within the deadline for the production of the JWA official publication.

12. For nomination-only categories, short-listing of nominees is at the discretion of the Chair of Judges.

13. All information supplied by applicants will be treated in the strictest confidence, with all judges obliged to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Entry does not grant an organisation or individual rights to use the JWA name, logo or images without the expressed written approval of the organiser. Only Honourees and Recipients will be granted permission to use the Awards logo in compliance with the guidelines stipulated by the Awards organiser.


1.    The Honourees, or shortlisted finalists, will be announced in October. The Recipient, or winner, will be announced in November at the JWA Ceremony and Gala Dinner during the Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong – Special Edition.

2.    Judges will consider each entry submission against the category criteria and their own discretion based on their relevant experience and expertise.

3.    Judges reserve the right to request a visit to the facilities or for an interview over the phone, face-to-face or online, as part of the judging process.

4.    The role of the Chair of Judges is to clarify the criteria and to mediate in the event of a draw to determine the award for the highest honour. The Chair of Judges does not have a casting vote.

5.    Judges’ decisions are final and binding and no discussions or correspondence will be accepted relating to any of their decisions.

6.    Informa Markets Asia Limited, the organiser of the Awards, is not liable for any costs incurred by candidate organisations during the judging process.

7.    Any applicant who, in the opinion of the judges or the organiser, is perceived to have harassed or bribed any member of the judging panel or the JWA team will have their entry disqualified.

8.    The JWA reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time, if the entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

9.    If it is found that any applicant has knowingly provided false information on their application for their entry, the JWA reserves the right to withdraw the entry in question and to withdraw at any time any award given to the applicant.

10. By entering or agreeing to participate in the JWA, all applicants agree to the above terms and conditions.

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