JWA24 Finalist – Manufacturing Innovation

Belmont Emeralds


Building upon its legacy of innovation, Belmont Emeralds continuously pushes the boundaries of technological advancement in mineral processing. Two decades ago, the company pioneered the use of optical sorter technology, a computerised system capable of electronically identifying and selecting emeralds. The groundbreaking technology not only improved recovery rates but also replaced labour-intensive hand-picking processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

This year, Belmont Emeralds has once again taken the forefront in technological advancement by implementing a state-of-the-art laser sorting machine. This cutting-edge technology promises even greater efficiency and precision in emerald sorting, while also facilitating better waste management practices.

In the past year, Belmont Emeralds reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable operations by installing a 1.5 MW solar power plant. This significant initiative not only further reduces the company’s ecological footprint but also ensures environmentally conscious mining of emerald gems, setting an example in the pursuit of sustainability within the industry.

Outcomes and positive impacts of Belmont Emerald’s sustainable initiatives:

– Preservation of thousands of acres of critical habitat and biodiversity hotspots.

– Significant reduction in water consumption and environmental pollution through water treatment initiatives.

– Community empowerment through employment opportunities and skills development.

– Minimisation of material volume and tailings deposits, contributing to a more sustainable mining process.

– Preservation of native flora and fauna through careful vegetation removal and reforestation efforts.

– Education and awareness-raising initiatives fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

– Transition to renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse emissions.

Chow Tai Fook


Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited (the “Group”; SEHK stock code: 1929) was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in December 2011.

Founded in 1929, the Group’s iconic brand “CHOW TAI FOOK” has become an emblem of tradition, celebrated for its bold designs and an unwavering attention to detail. Building upon a rich heritage and a foundation of trust, the Group is not only widely recognised for honouring traditions but also for fostering deep, meaningful connections with a diverse customer base through its products. The Group’s long-standing commitment to innovation and craftsmanship has been integral to its success over time and has become synonymous with excellence, value and authenticity.

As a leading Chinese jeweller, the Group believes in blending contemporary cutting-edge designs with traditional techniques to create jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation. Every collection is thoughtfully conceived and crafted to reflect the stories of our customers, celebrating the special moments in their lives. Committed to growing alongside our customers, the Group embraces a spirit that aspires to inspire and captivate generations to come, weaving the story of CHOW TAI FOOK into the fabric of their lives.

It is dedicated to embracing the principles of sustainable development spanning economic, environmental and social dimensions. During the period spanning 2021 to 2023, the implementation of various energy-saving and emission-reduction measures has yielded significant results for the Group. Here are some notable outcomes:

– In FY2023, the company achieved a 30% reduction in GHG emissions intensity, a 36% reduction in water use intensity, and a 52% reduction in waste intensity from production as compared to the intensities in 2019 when the Group set its Centennial Goal, aiming to achieve at least 15% reduction by 2029. In addition, the GHG emissions, energy consumption, water usage and waste generation intensity targets of its production hubs were revised in FY2023 to achieve a minimum reduction of 50% compared to FY2019.

– Invested in R&D and developed the cyanide-free electroplating solution, ensuring that the electroplating process is eco-friendly.

– This solution was first used in the Group’s production hub in Wuhan, Hubei of China in 2021. Starting from 2021, the ratio of production using cyanide-free electroplating has increased from 9% to 28%, greatly reducing the use of cyanide-containing chemical in the electroplating process. This reduction resulted in approximately 40% less cyanide-containing wastewater, 37% less hazardous waste, waste packaging and personal protective equipment used, as well as a 0.5% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions annually. Chow Tai Fook will continue to increase the use of the cyanide-free electroplating solution, with the ultimate goal of completely replacing the cyanide-containing electroplating solution in its production processes.

Henan Merak Semicon Technology Co Ltd


Established in 2021, Henan Merak Semicon Technology Co Ltd is a subsidiary of the listed company, SF Diamond Co Ltd (Stock No.: 300179), and serves as an important platform for SFD’s CVD diamond business strategy. The CVD diamond manufacturer adheres to the concept of sustainable development throughout the entire process of production and operation, and is committed to using scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial progress.

Henan Merak is dedicated to creating a complete supply chain, from rough production to loose and finished diamonds, from design, cutting, polishing to setting – providing customers with a one-stop shopping experience.

In March 2024, Henan Merak accepted the carbon footprint audit of Swiss SGS Group and output a carbon footprint report. According to ISO14067, ISO14040 and ISO14044 standards, the company completed the research and accounting of the carbon footprint of the products under the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. At the same time, Henan Merak found ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the products and realise energy-saving and emission reductions, which can be used for the products’ ecological or green design and comparison with similar products, and green procurement and supply chain decision-making to support sustainable production and consumption.

– In the future, Henan Merak plans to continuously analyse major emission sources and emission reduction technologies, formulate greenhouse gas emission reduction management plans according to PAS2060, and reach standards to obtain carbon neutral labels.

– Henan Merak has switched 100% of its production electricity to green power to minimise carbon emissions and has obtained the Green Electricity Certificate.

– The company designed a large-sized molybdenum heat dissipation substrate holder to increase the number of wafers, reduce the post-processing steps, shorten production time, improve the product output rate and reduce energy consumption. The substrate holder lifting device realises automatic lifting and lowering of the holder in the process of diamond synthesis, so as to control temperature, which has been widely used to reduce product growth cycle and shorten the product delivery time. Another is automated temperature measuring device. It allows an infrared thermometer to travel through each piece of diamond and save the measured temperatures in the system, generating a growth report that allows operators to keep track of the growth status of each piece of diamond during the synthesis process, which greatly improves the work efficiency and the yield rate.

InnovSeed Incubation LLP


InnovSeed Incubation LLP has built a reputation for tackling complex challenges in the diamond industry with innovative solutions. A prime example is the company’s DiaBot series, a cutting-edge technology that has scanned over 3 million rough diamonds. The latest in the series, DiaBot NX, takes innovation to the next level, offering a scanning speed of just 3.7 seconds per stone and an accuracy rate exceeding 98%. This technology has transformed operations for major industry players like Rosy Blue, Kiran Gems, Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd, Bonas and Dharmanandan Diamonds.

One key feature of InnovSeed’s solutions is scalability, allowing for smooth integration with traceability platforms such as Tracr and Everledger. This adaptability plays a critical role in supporting the diamond industry’s drive toward ethical sourcing and transparency, which are crucial for consumer trust and regulatory compliance.

– In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, InnovSeed demonstrated its capacity for quick adaptation and social responsibility. The company leveraged its technical expertise to develop the RespiWin ventilator, providing much-needed support to healthcare facilities during a challenging time. This rapid pivot from diamond-focused technology to medical equipment underscores InnovSeed’s agility and problem-solving skills.

– DiaBot has made a significant mark in the diamond industry, particularly in the area of traceability. Since its inception, this cutting-edge technology has completed thousands of successful data scans, providing crucial support to traceability programs like Tracr. The latest addition, DiaBot NX, takes this success to a new level with its super-fast scanning speed and advanced AI-based colour grading system.

Shenzhen Shangshan Intelligence Co Ltd


Shenzhen Shangshan Intelligence Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinghood Group, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and a “national high-tech enterprise.” As a technology company focusing on the R&D and production of software and hardware in the vertical field of gold jewellery, with modern information technology and automation technology at its core, it has successfully developed and launched the first GOLD RECYCLE Smart Terminal and the first gold jewellery lease and sales terminal. GOLD RECYCLE is the first to launch the digital renminbi settlement function in China. It has been certified by the Ministry of Public Security to meet the GA38 “Security requirements for bank commercial premises,” and won the second prize for the Technology Innovation & Application Award of the Science and Technology Award by the China Jewelry Association.

Shangshan Intelligence has built a professional terminal-side development team with rich cloud service experience, and has obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights such as invention patents and software copyright. It has been recognised as an “outstanding service provider for the 2022/2023 Chinese gold and jewellery industry repurchase enterprises.”

In the future, Shangshan Intelligence will adhere to the three key development directions of “gold jewellery + digital R&D + intelligent manufacturing,” empower the gold jewellery industry with technology, drive technological innovation and digital transformation, and provide customers with more professional and intelligent business solutions.

– The introduction of GOLD RECYCLE technology aims to incentivise end customers to actively participate in gold recycling efforts. Even a modest 10% reduction in gold mining output would have a profound positive impact on environmental conservation.

– Since 2021, the company has adopted the clean energy method of medium-frequency current heating for gold melting, and the gold melting furnace adopts a fully enclosed vacuum cavity, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency. Based on its annual recycle volume of about 2.5 tonnes, the company has saved about 6,000 cylinders of LPG (based on an average of 25g of gold per order and 50 orders per LPG cylinder).

– National Strategy Management Needs for Gold: Through transparent and considerable gold collection and reuse machines, the circulation and realisation of gold is greatly promoted, and the standardised gold circulation mechanism allows all collected gold to return to the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The gold is then managed by the state in a unified manner and enters the next round of gold circulation under control, which meets China’s strategic management needs for gold.

– Transaction security protection: The emergence of “pseudo-gold” products, which are challenging to distinguish based on appearance alone, has posed a significant challenge in gold detection. Since 2021, Shangshan Intelligence has adopted Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy (ED-XRF) as a method for gold detection. By employing this technology, the company can effectively identify and eliminate “pseudo-gold” products at the initial stage, eliminating the need for gold melting, cooling and other resource-intensive processes. As a result, Shangshan Intelligence has successfully detected “pseudo-gold” instances approximately 5,000 times.