JNA Awards 2020 continues to receive strong endorsement from industry leaders

Hong Kong, 7 November 2019 – The JNA Awards is pleased to announce the renewal of partnerships with its Headline and Honoured Partners. The ninth edition of the JNA Awards in 2020 will continue to be supported by Headline Partners – Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group (CTF), Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) and Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE), alongside Honoured Partners – KGK Group and China Gems & Jade Exchange (CGE).

The JNA Awards 2020 Partner Signing Ceremony was held during the 2019 JNA Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on 17 September, where the partners pledged their support towards the 2020 JNA Awards

“Chow Tai Fook has been a Headline Partner of the JNA Awards for nine consecutive years, sharing the Awards’ mission to advance the jewellery industry through encouraging innovation and best practices. Collaborating with fellow partners, we will continue to work towards facilitating a sustainable development for the jewellery industry,” said Kent Wong, Managing Director of CTF.

Lin Qiang, President and Managing Director of SDE remarked, “Today, as the industry faces a string of challenges, it is important that the JNA Awards continues to promote the jewellery industry and inspire optimism within the trade. It is time for the Awards’ partners to work closely together to provide a stronger support to the programme.We believe that our joint efforts will lead to
a fruitful 2020.”

Letitia Chow, Chairperson of the JNA Awards and Director of Business Development – Jewellery Group at Informa Markets, expressed, “The continuous support of our partners is a testament to the importance and the growing influence of the JNA Awards in the jewellery industry. Together, we aim to make the event more inclusive and relevant, and bring out the positives and achievements in the trade.”

“Quoting Henry Ford’s famous words, ’If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.’ It has been a few years since KGK started working together with the JNA Awards, the journey heretofore has been truly overwhelming, and I am confident that it will be as productive this year. The collaboration with the JNA awards has not only given us the opportunity to experience the industry’s finest but has allowed us to contribute towards the betterment of the industry as well,” shared Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of the KGK Group.

Simon Chan, Co-Founder, Member of the Board and Executive Vice President of CGE added, “China Gems & Jade Exchange is extremely honoured to be able to partner with the JNA Awards. From here onwards, CGE will continue to work closely with the Awards to drive innovation and advancement within the gemstone industry, leaving a brilliant legacy for the future.”

Organised by Informa Markets, the JNA Awards was founded in 2012 with the mission to promote excellence, best practices and innovation within the industry, and is regarded as one of the most prestigious and renowned awards programmes in the global jewellery and gemstone trade. Since its inception, the JNA Awards has recognised numerous outstanding companies and individuals for their accomplishments, thereby inspiring many in the jewellery industry to follow suit, contributing to the trade’s advancement.

The JNA Awards 2019 Ceremony and Gala Dinner was successfully held on 17 September, with 16 Recipients being feted across 11 categories. More than 500 industry leaders and elites from across the globe attended the event. For the full list of Recipients, please visit the JNA Awards website here.