Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

Country / Region: Dubai

About Ahmed Bin Sulayem:

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), has more than a decade of experience when it comes to commodities as demonstrated in his strong leadership and passion in positioning Dubai as the global hub for trade and enterprise that it is today.

He is renowned for his tenacity and nous for fostering collaboration among international trading partners, which has led to DMCC’s unrivalled growth and trade facilitation activities across a range of sectors including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious metals and tea.

Through his work at DMCC, the flow of diamonds passing through Dubai is now at a staggering value of US$39 billion. Under Bin Sulayem’s strong leadership, Dubai has become one of the leading diamond trading centers in the world, serving a pivotal role as the “New Silk Road.”