Country / Region: China


Founded in 1999, HIERSUN focuses on the design, production and sales of diamond, platinum, gold and other high-quality jewellery products. Its “I Do” brand continues to post positive results and is now present in the core business district of each target city. More importantly, it has given consumers a more convenient and intuitive shopping experience. By the end of 2016, HIERSUN’s customer base grew by 25 percent. Evident of its well-researched and studied “I Do” name, it has also become the brand of choice of consumers for occasions centred on love, marriage or anniversaries.

What the judges have to say:

HIERSUN has a long-running reputation as an upmarket Chinese retail jeweller, with a focus on innovative design, signature collections and effective marketing campaigns that make use of appropriate celebrities. As one of the industry’s best-known bridal brands, Hiersun’s ‘I Do’ retail stores have effectively delivered to its emotional and appropriate name ‘I Do’ with an expanding range of bridal collections. The Hiersun jewellery brand is widely known in China for its signature collections, bringing new designs to both Chinese bridal and jewellery consumers. Today, following the intense period of upgrading of “I Do” and the launch of 10 new collections, including non-diamond lines, consumers are able to enjoy a greater variety of choice in high-quality jewellery.