Country / Region: United Kingdom

About IIDGR (UK) Ltd:

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research was established in 2008 to provide premium grading service and proprietary equipment unique to diamond industry. It was found by no other than the De Beers Group of Companies, the organisation most closely associated with the mystique and science of diamonds. Armed with more than 300 employees, IIDGR develops new technologies primarily for testing a diamond’s authenticity in the shortest time.

What the judges have to say:

IIDGR aims to and has succeeded in developing world-leading technologies to detect the presence of synthetic diamonds of all sizes, including the challenging melee sizes. Constant innovation at IIDGR UK based facility, tight control over production and the broad availability of support services have enabled the global diamond industry to develop and retain the confidence of consumers, retailers and the rest of the downstream jewellery chain. IIDGR’s services cover in-depth education and world-class grading that enhance and support the high-tech testing equipment – providing additional levels of confidence. With its research centre in Maidenhead and laboratories in London, Antwerp and Surat, the De Beers backed IIDGR effectively services the global industry.