Shenzhen MOVER Culture Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen MOVER Culture Co Ltd:

The Mover culture was born in 2013, its original meaning is pioneer and actor, and Mover is a cross-border integrated fashion toy brand of the pan-entertainment culture and derivative art. The main products are ACG and attract a great number of another dimension fans and fashion toy hipsters from all over the world, and Mover gradually becomes a new ICON culture of the young group.

By building an Internet information-based fan economy mode, the brand has realized the global IP layout for the three-year strategic objective, built a channel of “tens of thousands of stores in thousands of cities” all over the country for the five-year strategic objective and won numerous international awards of Guinness, Milan Expo and JNA. It has participated in Shanghai Fashion Week, BlizzCon and other global pan-entertainment fashion events and always been devoted to promotion of the global pan-entertainment derivative art trends.