Shenzhen MOVER Jewellery Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen MOVER Jewellery Co Ltd:

Since its establishment in 2013, Mover Culture has cooperated with owners of domestic and foreign IP copyrights in four fields. These are games, comics and animation, cartoon images and literature.

Through its unique business model, Mover brings the gold standard on paying tribute to the characters and stories people love. And it spares no cost and effort in doing so. The company has successfully challenged the concepts of traditional jewellery by infusing playful design ideas that were once solely relegated to toys, clothing and other children commodities.

What the judges have to say:

We like their creativity, originality and integration of hobby craft with jewellery. It takes a lot of imagination and persistency, which our industry should encourage and foster.

To define why they are “different” is an understatement. “Mover Culture” is the first global innovative enterprise dedicated to pan-entertainment and fashion-derived jewellery, they give fans something more lasting – more precious; simply put, the jewellery products it manufactures are inspired by existing characters, stories and concepts (whether in print, film or other media) that already have their respective following.

Mover Culture utilises existing IP to create jewellery that tells stories. In this time and age, there is no denying that jewellery is no longer only an accessory but an extension of the stories its owners’ value.