Shineshilpi Jewellers Pvt Ltd

Country / Region: India

About Shineshilpi Jewellers Pvt Ltd:

Shineshilpi Jewellers Pvt Ltd (Shineshilpi) is one of the leading B2B jewellery companies in India focuses on giving its customers an overwhelming jewellery buying experience. Shineshilpi strives to provide its customers with the largest collection of curated designs with its portfolio of 9Shines series. The company does not merely sell jewellery but creating an unmatched jewellery buying experience at the fingertips of the customers.

With decades of experience, Shineshilpi has built a new world of gold and platinum jewellery backed by its world-class manufacturing techniques, elegant designs and innovation in personalised buying experience, where Shineshilpi promises to supply jewellery of unrivalled quality to its customers.