XU Xiao, Zbird / Shanghai Wisdom Jewelry Trading Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About XU Xiao, Zbird / Shanghai Wisdom Jewelry Trading Co Ltd:

Co-founder of Zbird, Xu Xiao established the O2O business model with her brother Xu Lei in China in 2002, and laid the foundation of Zbird’s brand culture.

Xu Xiao had profound insights in brand building. In the past 16 years, she succeeded in operating Zbird as a professional online jewellery brand in China, and is devoted to strengthening the brand philosophy: excellent products, excellent experience, excellent service, which aims at bringing exclusive brand value to the customers as well as putting Zbird on the map as one of the top jewellery brands worldwide.

What the judges have to say:

Xu Xiao of Zbird is a true pioneer in the development of digital marketing – lining up the new opportunities presented by the coming of the digital age with a new consumer opportunity from evolving consumer behaviour. It took courage and focus to move to a totally new platform both to attract consumers, but additionally to deliver precious jewellery via a different retail environment. The brave decision took off, and whilst there have been many followers, Xu Xiao and her team have continuously found innovative ways to differentiate and service their customer base by adding new and welcome services. The result has been a successfully growing company with some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the business. Xu Xiao is a real quality gem!