Why Join the Sustainability Awards 2024 by JWA?

Stand Out

Winning an award is an excellent opportunity to distinguish your company and enhance its reputation. As an Awardee, you will enjoy substantial media coverage, shining a spotlight on your exceptional sustainability performance. Moreover, you will have the privilege of participating in our JGW panel discussions, where you can inspire others through your success.


By participating in the Awards, you will connect with like-minded companies and organisations that share your sustainability goals. This platform opens doors for collaboration, fostering meaningful partnerships with those actively pursuing their own sustainability agenda. By joining, you will amplify the voices of game-changers who are making a positive difference within and beyond our industry – and that includes you!


What better way to honour your team’s dedication to sustainability than by securing a prestigious award? Be proud of what they have accomplished. Reinforce your positive work culture. Participating in the Sustainability Awards is also one of the most effective ways of retaining and attracting top talent.