3D Jewellery Company Ltd

Country / Region: China

About 3D Jewellery Company Ltd:

In 2006, 3D Jewellery Co Ltd opened its doors in China as a business leader that traces its roots to electroplating technology. The company was originally geared towards two main market segments: The traditional Chinese market, aged 30 and above, that preferred Buddha- and other Chinese relic-motif products, and a younger market, aged 20 to 30, with a predilection for personalised and fashionable pieces. Fast-forward to 11 years later and it doesn’t take much to see that 3D Jewellery has achieved what it originally set out to do. It has stores all over China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and employs a total of 520 people. In 2015, it posted revenues of US$162 million.

What the judges have to say:

3D Jewellery has distinguished itself in the market with “3D18K,” an innovative breakthrough that combines both 3D hard gold technology and the karat-gold technique. This innovation increases the potential of certain jewellery products in terms of cost, design and production. “3D18K” is 25 percent lighter than 3D hard gold, but the technology allows the metal to retain its tensile strength, since “3D18K” is 5 percent more rigid than regular karat gold. Compared to 3D hard gold, “3D18K” has a surprising production rate that could be up to 60 percent more efficient. The upgraded features also make “3D18K” less likely to crack, scratch or get seriously damaged during post-production or daily usage.