Angelina LAU, SK Jewellery Group

Country / Region: Singapore

About Angelina LAU, SK Jewellery Group:

Established since 1991, SK Jewellery Group Ltd. is a public listed jewellery group headquartered in Singapore. A leading and trendsetting jeweller, the Group continuously delight customers with intricate jewellery and mementoes catering for different tastes and demographics through its three brands: Soo Kee Jewellery – the upmarket jeweller for the contemporary women, SK Jewellery – the masstige jeweller with a belief that everyone can shine with our jewellery, and Love & Co. – the premium bespoke bridal jeweller. The Group has one of the largest retail network in the region, with stores located in prime shopping locations across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

What the judges have to say:

Ms. Lau created the Love & Co brand which targets an anti-recessionary and evergreen segment. Through observations, analysis of market trends and behavioural patterns of millennials, she has proven that the business presents immense growth opportunities. The brand has expanded into Malaysia, Thailand and China with its simplicity and scalability of the business model. In 2018, customer base increased by 90%, staff retention rate increased to 97%, and social media followers grew 200%.