Diamond Services Ltd

Country / Region: Hong Kong

About Diamond Services Ltd:

Diamond Services, was established in Hong Kong in 2012 with the vision of developing innovative systems for the screening and detection of diamonds that are laboratory grown and/or HPHT color treated.

We have developed series of devices and were organized for our efforts by winning the prestige JNA Awards in 2014.

Recognizing the need for a full screening process in order to assure 100% accurate results we developed such a series of devices that enable us to identify all lab-grown diamonds of any size, in a parcel of loose stones, as well as in jewelry.

Learning the science, we realized that in rder to reach accurate answers, we must screen the stones in a Liquid Nitrogen atmosphere, and this is the way we operate . Diamond Services Ltd provides fasr and accurate services, from its offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York and Tel Aviv, as well as on site tests upon clients’ requests.

What the judges have to say:

Diamond Services has recently introduced its DND device, which offers detection of synthetic diamonds in various forms, including rough, polished, loose and mounted, without size or shape limitations. Its custom service provides 100% guaranteed conclusive findings for stones even smaller than 0.005ct and for brown diamonds as well. This technology adds a new level of confidence to the trade and consumers.