Jacques Branellec, Jewelmer

Country / Region: Philipines

About Jacques Brancellec:

Like the pearls that he is now known for, Jacques Pol Branellec – the man behind the famed Jewelmer brand – is a product of time, trials and experience.

In Polynesia, Jacques, along with a local business partner, was able to give birth to the black pearl – which has since grown into one of French Polynesia’s major export products, the queen of the Polynesian seabed.

While the black pearl enjoyed worldwide attention, Jacques felt the need to look for more of the world’s only living gems – pearls. His quest took him to the “Pearl of the Orient” – the Philippines.

Together with Filipino entrepreneur Manuel Cojuangco, Jacques established Jewelmer in 1979. It has since grown into a company recognised for one of the world’s most exquisite pearl variety, the South Sea Pearl. A decade later, his company would be able to produce the golden pearl, an elegantly unique version of the living treasure, which is often associated with the Jewelmer brand.