Country / Region: China

About Kela:

As one of the first e-commerce sites in China, Kela is a pioneer in deploying the O2O or online-to-offline business model in jewellery sales. As it celebrates its 10th year in the jewellery business, Kela continues to grow as a fixture on the e-commerce field, especially when it comes to diamonds, coloured gemstones, precious metals and more. It has been a leading seller of wedding and engagement rings in the Greater China market. This company of 600 employees has reported an annual sales income in 2015 of US$247 million, mainly from its markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Customer satisfaction is also close to perfect, registering an impressive 99 percent rating.

What the judges have to say:

The key here is synergy – the ability to create a bridge between the virtual and brick-and-mortar worlds through well-thought out marketing messages in all media. Kela offers consumers touchpoints across multiple channels, which are all brilliantly centred on its e-platform. Today, Kela has nearly 140 offline stores, spanning China’s second- and third-tier cities. This eSupplier also directly procures its diamonds, which benefits its customers through reduction in costs. Kela’s seven-day business and transaction cycle is also recognised as one of the shortest in the industry.