Kuwayama Corporation

Country / Region: Japan

About Kuwayama Corporation:

Kuwayama has been leading the jewellery industry since its foundation and now maintains the top market share in jewellery manufacturing in Japan.

Kuwayama is a general jewellery manufacturer engaging in a wide spectrum of business operations, ranging from manufacturing of products including jewellery chains, CNC rings, cast productsand specially-designed chains, to supply of jewellery materials such as pearls and diamonds.

In addition to Kuwayama’s original products, Kuwayama also manufactures ODM/OEM products for a number of jewellery brands both domestic and overseas, by utilizing its unique technologies and global production system.

Through its fully integrated business operations from planning & design, manufacturing, to marketing & sales, Kuwayama always pursues “Kuwayama quality” to provide solid values that meet customers’ expectations.

What the judges have to say:

From merely producing gold and platinum chains in its early stage, Kuwayama has now expanded to cover fashion jewellery and fine jewellery.  The company considers quality first in their products, and maintains the highest standard in corporate practices, customer engagement, and all other aspects of the business.  Their techniques are a combination of extensive research and development, paired with the most advanced high-precision machinery.