Mimi Ou Yang Chiu Mei

Country / Region: Hong Kong

About Professor Mimi Ou Yang Chiu Mei:

Acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on jade studies and research, Professor Ou Yang Chiu Mei is an internationally acclaimed gemmologist and mineralogist whose tireless research, scientific discoveries and knowledge application contributed significantly to the growth of the jade trade. Her contributions to the sector helped pull it out of the doldrums in the 1980s, inspiring consumer confidence and building trust in the market for jadeite jade or “Fei Cui” Jade.

Ou Yang’s long list of accomplishments includes many “firsts,” including identifying a new mineral in the Burmese jadeite jade group; defining the official terminology for jade; identifying the presence of enhancement and treatment of jade in Hong Kong; and producing a set of criteria for identifying and grading different jade types.