Motisons Jewellers Limited

Country / Region: India

About Motisons Jewellers Limited:

Motisons, the name in itself strikes a perfect chord when it comes to immaculate jewelry. Our designs echo an earthly power of priceless, precious stones, engraved to perfection. We, as a brand are acknowledged for its jewelry that defies the cultural boundaries and truly reflects the artistic edge of its master craftsmen. In line with the trending styles in fashion, we offer intricate Diamond, Gold and Silver jewelry from handmade Indian ethnic to the cutting edge styles of the urban world. Celebrating the feminine luster in its efficacious ways, Motisons pieces inspire every woman to appreciate, own and treasure it for a lifetime; radiating nothing else, but luxury.

We also believe in First Mover Advantage (FMA) marketing concept, i.e. Creativity, originality and integration of High Quality of Jewellery with A Royal Presentation and Visual Merchandising. We created Motisons Tower to define not only the fact that we are different but also that we are the First Mover in creating such a beautiful High Street Jewellery Store. There is no denying that jewellery will be only an accessory but extension of jewellery by such a beautiful store multiplies its value.