PANDORA Production Co Ltd

Country / Region: Thailand

About PANDORA Production Co Ltd:

Over the years, leading international jewellery brand PANDORA has successfully evolved into more than just a company offering charming handcrafted and contemporary pieces of jewellery. PANDORA counts business ethics as its driving force. Inspired by its stature in the jewellery industry as a reliable global brand, the company established its own Business Integrity Policy. For its own employees, the company regularly holds a Code of Ethics training where relevant topics such as human rights, working conditions, data privacy, information security and anti-bribery are tackled. In 2016, over 600,000 online Code of Ethics training sessions have been conducted company-wide.

What the judges have to say:

PANDORA has created uniqueness for women in their own special way with revenue increased by 12% and gross profit grew by 11% in 2017. Pandora’s vision of innovation is built on the culture of trust, and craftspeople and employees from all levels are encouraged to express their opinions or feedback in an open environment. These are key drivers for innovation, growth and competitiveness. Sustainable strategies are very important in this rapidly changing world and Pandora has mastered it in such a fantastic way by being innovative in product ideas, improving manufacturing process, and adopting new techniques in product development. The judging panel could see the results of these initiatives in their new products, particularly the crossover with Disney.