Prida Tiasuwan, Pranda Group

Country / Region: Thailand

About Prida Tiasuwan, PRANDA Group:

Mr. Prida is a man of vision, who would dream big and aim high. He cares not only about his business, but the well being and advancement of the entire jewellery sector.

Under Mr. Prida’s leadership, PRANDA was transformed from a modest jewellery design company to a pioneer in mass production of fine jewellery with top quality craftsmanship. This feat has not only changed and raised the standard of the Thai jewellery industry, it also made an impact across the whole jewellery sector. Now, PRANDA is not only a leader in Thailand, it is also one of the world’s leading fine jewellery manufacturers and exporters.

With manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, PRANDA produces more than 4 million pieces of jewellery every year. These beautifully crafted pieces are then supplied to wholesalers and retailers around the world.