Sahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd

Country / Region: India

About Sahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd:

Incorporated in 1993, Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited (STPL) was inspired by the unique advantages of laser technology such as high productivity, automation, elimination of finishing operations and reduced processing costs. The company believes in delivering valuable and dependable solutions and is one of the few global companies that offer technological solutions for the diamond manufacturing processes. This includes diamond analysis, planning, processing, blocking and polishing, and safe diamond trading. By initiating innovative products and services, STPL has become a trendsetter in the industry. 

What the judges have to say:

STPL is a globally recognised firm that offers total technology solutions for diamond manufacturing, including diamond analysis and planning, processing, blocking and polishing, as well as safe diamond trading. As a trendsetter of the industry, it pioneered the laser diamond cutting technology. Today, the advanced technologies leverage the promising laser technology and ensure higher productivity at lesser costs. The solution focuses on optimising automation and eliminating the resource-consuming operations.