Shenzhen Ganlu Jewelry Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen Ganlu Jewelry Co Ltd:

Shenzhen Ganlu Jewelry continues to make inroads in the global jewellery market. To date, more than a hundred top jewellery retail brands from China have given their trust in the company by recognising it as their appointed supplier. It is now well on its way to worldwide acclaim as it is supplying jewellery to customers and partners from more than 30 countries and regions. Wholesalers and consignment stores have also formed strategic partnerships with the manufacturer in creating a win-win business model. Shenzhen Ganlu prides itself for employing the “one-to-one” model for its VIP customers both locally and abroad. Through this personalisation process, the company prepares its design, production and marketing tools according to customers’ specific preferences – be it 18-karat gold, platinum, diamond or jade.