Shenzhen Ideal Jewellery Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen Ideal Jewellery Co Ltd:

Founded 15 years ago, this jewellery franchise aims to create, bequeath, spread and share jewellery, by maintaining a strong position in the high-end market. Its forte: Diamond jewellery, which accounts for more than 40 percent of its business transactions. A wholesaler, Shenzhen Ideal Jewellery also provides dealers with special services that include product packaging, promotion, series product customisation, marketing activity planning and implementation, shop training and other offerings. As for the consumers, Shenzhen Ideal Jewellery takes pride in providing excellent after-sales services, which range from addressing inquiries on goods, product exchange and maintenance to jewellery customisation, among other things.

What the judges say:

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Ideal Jewellery is a giant among its peers. It is a brand carried by 400 franchisees, 1,100 distributors and two direct sales outlets. It is also the first jewellery enterprise to launch an IPO offering in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Ideal follows visionary businessman Su Riming’s goal of operating a jewellery business that is up-to-date with trends, can exceed market demands, and is at par with international jewellers. With the enterprise soundly managed, the business also turns its sights on its branding practices. Among the most astounding breakthrough products of Ideal are the “Dazzling” series, which imbues diamonds with up to 10 times its normal sheen; and the “Moving Diamond,” which makes a 10-second flashing effect to pendants through a special in-lay technology.