Shenzhen Sunfeel Jewelry Co Ltd

Country / Region: China

About Shenzhen Sunfeel Jewelry Co Ltd:

Shenzhen Sunfeel Jewelry Co Ltd takes pride in being the first to bring the innovative non-soldering technology into the Chinese gold jewellery category. As a brand, Sunfeel is also known for its diamond, coloured gemstone, jadeite and gold inlaid with jadeite retail business. A market leader, Sunfeel has around 2,500 employees powering its more than 1,600 stores, five direct-sales exhibition galleries and 18 service centres across China.

What the judges have to say:

Sunfeel’s pioneering new designs using their award-winning patented solderless gold technology drives the company to become a leader in gold jewellery in China. In addition, Sunfeel won an advertising award for building its brand successfully with strong customer and sales impact in 2017. This is proven by its significant business growth in terms of both sales and franchise network. The judging panel was very impressed to see its passion, innovation and contribution to the jewellery industry, particularly in Greater China.