Sit Kwan, Shenzhen Bofook Jewellery Co Limited

Country / Region: China

About Sit Kwan:

Six years ago, a young man, fresh from his graduate studies in the US, returned to China and took over the leadership of his family’s business. Driven by a spirit of pioneering entrepreneurship, he instantly set to work to implement revolutionary practices into the 20–year–old company, propelling it to outstanding success while at the same time pushing China’s jewellery industry to a new level of innovation, design and practice.

The young man is Sit Kwan and the company he chartered to new heights is Shenzhen Bofook Jewellery Co Limited, China’s top platinum jewellery manufacturer.

His efforts bore fruit in August 2014 when he initiated and founded the China Youth Jewellery Entrepreneur Association. Sit is also a founding director of the Overseas Chinese Young Merchants Association of Longgang District, Shenzhen which is focused on modernising the sector’s distribution methods.