The Muzo Companies

Country / Region: Colombia

About The Muzo Companies:

The Muzo Companies extract, cut and market the highest quality emeralds from the legendary Muzo mine in Colombia in a socially responsible manner. Established in 2009, we provide the best emeralds in the world through innovation and the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

The Muzo Companies’ unique business model, from the mine to market, allows the company to control the sourcing and production of the precious stone, thus guaranteeing the traceability of each emerald. Esmeraldas Mining Services (EMS) operates as our mining branch, while Esmeraldas de los Andes (EDLA) cuts and polishes the stones in a high-tech workshop. Finished stones are sold internationally through our retail locations.

What the judges have to say:

In the last decade, a remarkable transformation has taken place at the site of one of the best known emerald mines in Columbia. Thanks to co-operation with the Columbian government, the leadership of an ex US Ambassador and investment from the USA, the Muzo Companies have turned a failed mining operation, beset with corruption and environmental challenges, into a viable range of businesses that go well beyond mining.

The Muzo Companies have set up cutting, polishing, and marketing facilities to add employment and beneficiation within the country and enabled a stone tracking system to add confidence to downstream buyers and consumers.

Locally the company has improved the environment and set up a cacao plantation to bring additional jobs to the local community. A positive example of mining doing good.